Software Features

* Web Friendly
* User Friendly
* Report Friendly
* Export Friendly
* EASY Rate Setup and Maintenance
* No limit to pictures, text, or number of accounts and vendors
* Many drop-down views and filters
* Multi-level security settings
* Detailed marketing analysis
* Organized by Unit, rather than Owner
* Priced by the unit
* Secure Payment Card Handling
* Real-time Online Booking
* Use TCSReservations to thoroughly track your escrow account and QuickBooks (or Peachtree, etc.) to track your operating account!


Wonderfully intuitive, easily navigable, fully featured reservations function with a very short learning curve. From making new reservations to editing and moving guests between units and dates, TCS makes reservation management amazingly quick and effortless.

  • Features Include
  • Main Dashboard Screen - Gives an overview of various aspects of property management for reservations, house keeping and maintenance for quick reference.
  • Multiple Ways to Book a New Reservations - There's a search function by date, unit type, amenities, and number of bedrooms and baths, or book directly from the easy-on-the-eyes calendar.

    Group Bookings - Quickly get a list of available units for a group's dates, send them a quote, then turn them into bookings.

    Quick reservations search by reservation number, phone number or last name. Maintains a history list of opened reservations and bookmarked reservations for quick access.
  • REPORTS REPORTS REPORTS - Reservations reports for arrivals, departures, due in, due out, by rental unit, etc. Sort and filter on reservation data columns.

    Visual cues color-coded on your calendar give you an at-a-glance assessment of who's in-house (owners, comps, blocks, etc.)
  • Really Real-time Online Reservations - There's no syncronization because you are booking out of the same database as your online visitor!
  • Guest Packages - Turn anything into a Guest Package and even add it to reservations automatically. Pull a report everyday to see your firewood, crib, and snack basket (for instance) needs.
  • Guest Moves - Easily move a guest from one unit to another, or for these dates to those dates - before check in or after...

    Reservations can be Flagged for further review by another department or the book keeper.
  • Reservation Activity on Steriods - Reservation Activity tracks reservations - Entered, changed, canceled, moved, etc. by date and time, for any time period.
  • Marketing Analysis - Marketing Analysis Shows where business is being referred from, source, totals for each advertising source so you can see which ads are producing income, for any time period.
  • Automatic Emails - Automatic emails to guests, house keepers, and maintenance personel, with logging to track the emails sent.
  • Reservation Quotes - Reservation Quotes can be emailed to potential guest and tracked for further efforts to complete the booking - By quote #, by user taken, date, expiration date, name, email, or unit.
  • And much more!


Brings all your account ledger balances into real time coordination with whatever is happening with your reservations, maintenance, housekeeping, outside vendor, and owner account related activities.

  • Features Include
  • Escrow Accounting - Full reporting function for Escrow accounting. reservations income, deposits held, prepayment balances, 3rd party billings, rental income disbursement shares, owner accounting which automatically feeds owner statement and owner check disbursement functions. Full owner escrow trust accounting is automatically provided with reservation input, without the need for duplicate data entry into the accounting function itself. Compatible with Quickbooks, but if you're in a state that will scrutinize your escrow, we recommend only exporting items like commissions and owner advertising reimbursements — to keep the escrow auditor out of your operating account.

    A one-page Balance Sheet offers a complete and detailed, auditable accounting of your guest and owner escrow liabilites, and is certifiable for use by the State of North Carolina.
  • Reservations Revenue Report - Chart your ups and downs, season by season, year by year, according to pure rent.

    The Rental Summary Report is the best way to look at monthly reservation Client Ledger totals, with each account totalled and showing balances due as a total. Channel booking balances due are shown on a separate line in this report, in addition to having their own report.
  • Deposits Held / Refunds - At-a-Glance accounting of damage deposits, prepayments, and cancelled reservations that require a forfeit before refunding a balance.
  • 3rd Party Billing - Manage your channel bookings with a detailed page of monies owed, channel by channel.
  • Disbursal Sheet - Examine the quality of your Client Ledgers before sending them on to owners, vendors, and taxes pay screens. Smart disbursal will show you any errors you missed, allowing you to fix them and send them on... You can disburse daily, weekly, or monthly - according to your accounting practices.

    The Audit Report keeps a complete list of every single transaction, unique ID, date, time, cash drawer, account, amount, guest, owner, vendor and tax, with descriptions shown as well — filterable, sortable, organizable — within the data-range you set.
  • Owner Accounting - Full-blown owner accounting to the nth degree, along with easy balancing, and even print your own 1099s! Many easy ways to automatically add a charge to all accounts or certain accounts. Pay your owners through TCS Reservations with ACH and email their statements.
  • Vendor Payables - Pay your contract cleaners, contract maintenance, pest control — anyone who is a vendor to your escrow account, including your commissions and other non-rent fees.
  • Highly Detailed Tax Accounting - An audit-ready report of taxes owed to each tax authority and serves as the backup documentation for tax payments made online; write checks directly out of TCS Reservations for local lodging taxes. Create Tax Zones (made up of Authorities) and assign to units by location.
  • Bank Ledgers - Keep as many separate accounts as you need in the Bank Ledgers screen; you will always have the option to pick an account when writing a check ~ easily fix mistakes, edit, and recalculate.
  • Tools - You called us because you lost it, and we'll probably find it in Deleted Transactions List; so comforting!

    TCS Reservations internal time clock offers fast and convenient clocking in and out for staff.

    Track down the pennies and let TCS Reservations keep your accounting chores to a minimum!
  • And much more!


Flowing from a easy to use work order tab, the maintenance function keeps a real time "heads up display" for both office desktop users and mobile app empowered personnel in the field.

  • Features Include
  • Work Orders - Work Orders function gives single screen visability to your entire maintenance operation at a glance. Not only track your work orders but create invoices and billing to owner accounts; filter, sort, and organize to scale your mountain of data.
  • Work Orders Mobile - A real time flow of updates from the field that instantly appear on the Work Orders screen in TCS.
  • Items Requested List - Keep a running shopping list of items you need for the units. Know what is Approved, Ordered, or needs to be picked up rather than delivered.
  • Entry Types - Mixed entry types are no problem for TCS Reservations and each unit is tagged with it's entry type. Keycodes can be system-generated and assigned, or we offer an API for integration with a third-party keycode system.
  • Inventory - Track and count-down onsite maintenance inventory.
  • Filter Alerts - Track sizes and change dates for ever-important HVAC filters, hot tub filters, and smoke-detector batteries. These alerts also report to the mobile maintenance app.
  • Time Sheets - For when you just need to track and bill for time on certain jobs.
  • Hot Tub Schedule - Run a separate hot tub crew? Turn on Hot Tub Scheduling to your desired maintenance level.
  • And much more!


Real time automatic coordination of every planned arrival and departure with the assignment of relevant personnel who report cleaning status changes via our mobile app. Complete with hot tub report and "lost and found" items. Automatic guest notification of clean and ready status via SMS Text makes life simpler for your staff!

  • Features Include
  • Housekeepers - Record and track all housekeeping staff contact information, including status of employee vs. contractor, and direct emailing of schedules.
  • Scheduling on Steroids - Let TCS manage your housekeeping requirements automatically with our self-calculating functions that include bag-packing required levels of linens, paper products, along with housekeeper staff assignments (set a default in each Rental Unit Profile). At-A-Glance complete visibility and control of all rental units and their housekeeping status.
  • Rental Unit Inspections - Manage cleaning quality efficiently with sorting by rental type, reservation #, date, time, Inspected by, last cleaning date, last housekeeper, rating.
  • Prior Keycodes - Because everybody makes mistakes, at least have an option at your fingertips.
  • Lost and Found - A very full featured solution to an otherwise chaotic mess, allowing tracking by unique ID, entered by, reservation #, rental unit, Lost or Found, entry date, "lost" date, shipping and tracking number.
  • And much more!


The TCS online booking function offers ease of use, great photo presentation, and lightning fast response to those sorting out their vacation lodging. Our highly secure, tokenized credit card handling insures guest safety and convenience. Whether your guest is on desktop or mobile, our screens instantly adapt to make reservations simple.

  • Features Include
  • Brochures Requested - Keeps track of those requesting and receiving printed brochures.
  • SMS TXT Messages - A dashboard of current conversations being initiated from individual reservation and guest service management. Text your guests key codes and other useful information without giving our your personal cell phone numbers.
  • Reminders - A date and time prompted reminder function for all TCS users.(edited)
  • Messaging - Instant messaging function between all TCS users with on-screen notification of new incoming messages to be reviewed.
  • And much more!

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