Frequently Asked Questions

TCSReservations is different from the hundreds of other management software programs out there!

We believe we're the only people producing software for the most difficult business on earth, who have actually been yelled at by a guest, over a TV not working. Our overnight rental experience gives our software a flair and an edge for knowing what you need before you know you need it.

How else would we know you need a screen to forecast your housekeeping needs and costs in advance, based on reservations on the calendar?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you list your pricing on your website?

Well, we're just as effective for one unit as we are for a thousand, and we're happy to take on all comers. We want to talk with you about your business and then figure out how we can be the best bang for your buck that you ever bought.

There are big questions like: Our servers, or yours? Your own branded copy, or not? How would you like to pay for support? Do you need a fresh website?

Otherwise, TCSReservations is priced by the number of units (currently: 25 units for $5000), and we have made it SUPER easy to start with a small license and add more units as your business grows (add 10 units/$1000, later). You can purchase a license by writing a check for the full amount, or we're happy to take monthly payments.

Support for my current software is poor and slow to respond; how does TCSReservations handle support?

It's ridiculous to email for support and then wait for a response! What if you have a guest in front of you? TCSReservations offers support via a phone number that is covered 24/7! General support is available between 10 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday at 865-429-2147, and anytime at that number if something is on fire or if you need a pep talk.

Our support is $1149 per year, and can be paid annually, or broken into monthly payments. Our back up service is $395 a year, and that includes an emergency restoration (the hurricane-country people really appreciate this feature).

How long does it take to install and deploy TCSReservations?

Whoa! We are fast! We start setting up your database right away on our servers, and can have it ready in a few days for you to log in at your convenience to help us get it just right. Then, you continue on our servers, or we transfer the data to your in-house server.

We always look to see if we can import data from your current software (and you would not believe how many grateful people we take off paper).

If you go with our guy for a new website, believe it or not it will be ready in a few days, too! Also, we're happy to work with your web people, and the speed of deployment for your online booking will then depend on them.

How will my housekeepers benefit from TCSReservations?

Oh! Your housekeepers will actually have lives if you're sending them their schedule the night before... We have a heart for housekeepers and know you view them as a critical part of your business (clean = $$$).

They will love the phone app that helps them get in and out of units, and lets them mark their jobs as Complete, again in really real-time.

TCSReservations keeps a deep history, along with generating pay reports for an unlimited number of housekeepers or housekeeping vendors. Do you want your housekeepers to stay on top of keyless entry batteries and HVAC filters? Show the scheduled replacements in the app and let them mark those things as replaced to reset the 'timer'.

Monthly owner statements are a nightmare! How will TCSReservations stream-line these for me?

Have you ever had an owner come in to your office in the middle of the month and tell you the sad story that the electric service to their rental unit will be disconnected if they don't go pay the bill within the next hour? There is a simple solution in TCSReservations that won't create more billing nightmares!

You will have two options: Write that owner a check from their account (knowing you will probably write them another one, albeit smaller, at the end of the month), or put a charge on their account payable to the power company which will create a check ready to be written in Vendor Payables.

The purpose of that scenario (or use it as an analogy to apply to any situation) is to demonstrate how owner accounting in TCSReservations is designed to accommodate real-life situations whilst tracking every penny either due to or due from an owner in any given month. We call it 'to-the-penny-accounting' and you know it's good if TCSReservations can even generate 1099s for owners and vendors, along with Totals Reports to make tax filing easier.

(Psst: We believe in keeping 'escrow' monies totally separate from operating monies and want you to write yourself checks for commissions, reservation fees, etc. from a separate account for deposit into your operating account. This way has many benefits, including keeping tax auditors and revenuers out of your operating account. Some companies have even accidently paid income tax on their gross rental sales and not just their receivable income! TCSReservations will also pay your vendors where there is a direct charge to a guest or owner ~ like the bug man or the firewood lady.)

It takes me a long time to pay my taxes and I make a lot of mistakes. Will TCSReservations process my many tax authorities?

We've been in your shoes and that's why processing and paying taxes in TCSReservations is custom designed for your special lodging needs.

We'll never say we've seen it all, but we have seen a lot! That's why TCSReservations will handle your tax on a tax, your not-really-tax-exempts, and the 10 tax authorities with their hands out and looking to your for money.

And, HA! We know you get audited this year for stuff that happened five or six years ago! As we help you set up your accounting, you'll find we always have an eye towards an audit (because we know we'll be helping you dig out your data for an audit).

I do a lot of business with VRBO, AirBnB, and it's really hard to keep all those calendars synchronized. Does TCSReservations integrate with any of these channel partners.

TCSReservations has proudly integrated with This is significant because it allows you to distribute your real-time availability to 30+ channel partners, including your favorites! The reservations made through RedAwning are painless, and do not cost you the headache of dealing with AirBnB's crazy tax set up or VRBO's mysterious fees.

I don't really know any IT people and all this technology can be nerve-wracking. How can you folks at TCS IT help me make it easier?

You're in luck! We're pros at doing long-distance IT! We even offer IT services to the public in Sevier County, Tennessee. You will love dealing with IT people who want it to work right the first time.

We're proud of our technical ability and also our beautiful websites; all this goes hand in hand with the overnight vacation rental industry because it's a hard business and those things need to run smoothly.

Do I have to have my own server to use TCSReservations?

No; we can include a virtual server on our machines in your pricing. Mostly, we'd like to talk your needs over with you and help you choose your best course of action.

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