Core Beliefs

The price should be practical.

We don't charge so much that you think you own us, and we charge enough that we don't resent the work; we want you to be glad to write us a check.

Support should be prompt and relevant.

We know what it's like to have a guest in front of you with their hair on fire and you don't have time to email away for support. Call us in that situation and we'll help you make a refund without trying to teach you anything.

End-users deserve choices.

We don't think business owners should be required to use a certain credit card processor or travel insurance provider. Because all our programming is done in-house, we can integrate with vendors at your request.

The learning curve should be low.

We took a lesson in what NOT to do by watching MicroSoft change everything with each new version. We add new buttons without moving the old ones because we know you hate that.

Program away as much human error as possible.

We humans have many ways to spell things (not saying you're wrong, you're just different) and the best way to manage that is through programming. Our smart software catches errors and throws reminders ~ because you're human and because it's incapable of making a mathematical mistake. We'll never say we've seen everything even though we've seen a lot.

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