We were worried about your data and had to do something about it.  As a result, The Company Software is relieved to offer you AUTOMATIC OFF-SITE BACKUP for your critical data.

What is TCSBackUp?

We install a little program on your data machine called TCSBackUp.  This is where you set your encryption key* and designate the files to be backed up.  Yes!  This means you can also back up your Peachtree, QuickBooks, or Excel files along with your TCSReservations database.

What Happens?

Twice a day (every 12 hours) TCSBackUp will call the back up machine and upload the files you designate for back up.  These files are encrypted as they are uploaded and after 7 days, the files start to overwrite old back ups (TCSBackUp will store about 7 days of data for you).  By the way: IT’S ALL AUTOMATED!

How Do I Know It’s Working?

In your account set up, you will enter a Designated Contact Email Address and that email address will receive a notification every time TCSBackUp does it’s thing.  That email address will also receive a notice if the back up fails.  We recommend that you have it sent to an address that is checked often and then create a filter rule that sends it to a folder and out of the way.

It’s Too Good To Be True ~ What’s The Catch?

It’s not exactly a catch ~ but the service isn’t free.  To cover our costs, the fee is US$360 per year.  On the upside, that is less than a dollar a day to at least not have to worry about “who is checking in tomorrow” after your building was hit by lightning.  


One other important provision is that you will have to keep up with your encryption key* (which doubles as your password, and it can be simple). You won’t need it unless you need to restore a back up ~ but that’s not a good time to not remember your key.

Gosh, How Do I Sign Up?

Carefully read the Service Level Agreement agreement.  Once you feel you totally understand it, sign it where indicated, make yourself a copy, and return it to us along with a check for US$360 (or you can pay by credit card through the PayPal button on our website).  We will hook you up, help you configure your account ~ and you should start receiving back up notifications right away.


*Should you lose your key, we would only be able to reset it for you ~ not retrieve the original.