About Us

The Company Software is developed by Edward Van Nelson, and includes TCSReservations in its lineup of software catering to the rental industry.

Eddie combines his extensive experience in the demanding overnight rental business with his rapier programming skills to author a turn-key, “rental company in a box”.

Eddie started writing TCS Reservations in 2000 as a solution to including all aspects of running a rental company, and not just a reservation calendar. With his first install in 2001, he knew that organizing housekeeping and maintenance were just as important as reservations and accounting ~ and all should be in real time, just like the online booking portion of the system.

An installed system (your server or ours), TCSReservations features effective real-time communication between booking channels, reservations, accounting, housekeeping, maintenance, marketing and a really real-time online booking engine.

Need support?

The team behind Eddie makes sure you get support the day you need it, because everyone knows what it's like when help is needed!

Tina Nelson - Dispatcher/Support Tech
(865) 429-2147

James Gibbs - Technician

Cameron Holt - Web Developer
(205) 317-1132

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